Our vision is very simple.

That’s it, actually, both figuratively and literally - we take complex projects, or problems, and we make them simple. That might be helping to structure ideas into a compelling (and great looking) report, creating a brilliant user experience online, working up some stunning brand assets or managing a seemingly impossible print production process from start to finish. Crucially, we can provide a full editorial, design, print and digital service, so we’ll take responsibility for whatever you need us to.

How do we know we can get our heads around any challenge?

The Compass team managed the print, logistics and digital deposit in Parliament of the largest hybrid Bill ever (the snappily titled ‘High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Bill’, if you were interested). 

It was also the first ever ‘digital deposit’ of a Bill - we won’t get into the nitty gritty of what that means but we’ll happily share a few stories on request! Suffice to say that publishing nearly 600 documents in digital and hard copy in the space of a month or so needed calm heads under pressure, a clear understanding of our colleagues and ourselves, and dedication to the project. 

We bring these qualities to any and all clients we’re lucky enough to work with. But we love all sizes of projects, and we offer everything you’d expect us to as a full-service agency:

  • Great graphic design and visual/creative solutions
  • Talented writers and editors
  • Meticulous artworkers, typesetters and proofreaders
  • Flexible and responsive print services
  • Gifted web developers and website designers
  • Hugely experienced campaign and project managers

You can draw of some of these talents, or all of them, depending on what you want to achieve. And if you don’t quite know, we can help you work that out as well!


That’s how we know we can take the incredibly complex, or the incredibly important (or both) and provide you with a brilliant solution. That’s why we’ve called ourselves Compass - we help you navigate a clear path through some pretty complicated stuff. 

Very simple, really!